Why You Should Go For MyePal Safety App Over Others?

Safety is nothing to play with and we believe in it, deeply. That’s why we have tailor-made application made just for your daily and emergency needs. MyePal is your personal emergency pal. It cares for your safety and well-being by offering a set of important features that are required during emergency via an easy to use user interface.

There are hundreds of different Apps in the market. And talking about the apps like MyePal, they are in plenty as well. Then what makes MyePal the best app when we talk about Safety Apps or Emergency Apps?

Why Myepal Is The Best Safety App Compared To Others?


MyePal offers Panic widget which enables you to press the panic button directly from your home screen in case you are in danger.


Once you press the panic button, MyePal creates a loud alarming noise alerting the others around you and hence, alerts the one who has been feeding you the sense of danger.

Apart from creating the loud noise, it will send a text message along with a notification to your 5 predefined emergency contacts like your friends, family members, doctors or police with your current location and exact URL, so that they can find you on Google map with directions quickly.

One unique thing about this widget is that it also offers “Send Silent Alert” which most of the apps don’t. Send Silent Alert performs the same function as “panic button” except from the loud noise.

While other emergency apps offer panic button that can be accessed only within the app, MyePal offers the same along with the handy widget for it.



Another amazing thing that comes from MyePal is the “notification” you get from your friend in danger. What you can do with this notification is, you can directly access the “Broadcast Message” dialog – another great feature offered by MyePal – and use it to save your friend, in case, you are in no position to save him/her by yourself. This option allows friends and families to broadcast the message to other MyePal users for help!





android-myepal-7MyePal has been designed with total care to keep you and your friends and family safer for 24/7. We keep our eye on you and don’t take the risk to play with your safety. We can prove this.

Suppose you are in danger and you lose your internet connectivity in some area while you are still in need of help. Your location in that case cannot be tracked. But with MyePal, you don’t need to worry about that since, your last known locations get stored in our server. So, if you press the panic button, your listed emergency contacts will receive a message with your last known locations and any investigation to find you can be started.

Even when you are not in danger and walking home in the dark from school or bus stop or train station, send a silent alert to your fab-5 contacts and let them know that you may need help if you are in danger so that they stay close to phone incase an emergency happens. It acts like your bodyguard or guardian angel to protect you for 24×7.

So, while most apps fail to protect you everywhere, MyePal does it flawlessly!


We’ve curated our app for you with features for both everyday safety and real emergencies, making it the ultimate safety tool for you and everyone you love. You set up the safety net, the app does the rest.

Talks about your emergency pal – MyePal – doesn’t end here. There’s a lot more to know, more features to explore like “Pic Me”, “Record Me, “Around Me”, “Track Me” etc.


MyePal has been offer at a very low price so that people around the world can afford it easily without paying fortune for safety. It costs almost nothing. Similar apps in the market cost way more than MyePal even though those apps do not offer half of the features that MyePal does. Some apps are charging high monthly fees for just using the app and it is unacceptable to us. That’s why we decided to offer MyePal to everybody at a nominal cost. Our goal is to help everybody to stay safe without paying fortune.

Cheer up and explore the power of MyePal here:



Still not satisfied? Ok, hear this – for your satisfaction, we have created two versions of MyePal App. Trial and Pro. So, you can try our app first and buy it later. Download links are below,

  1. Trial Version : https://goo.gl/D8Ft58
  2. Pro Version : https://goo.gl/Nq2c2y

Install MyePal today and be safe. Tell your friends and families to do the same.

MyePal App | One Step Ahead Of Your Safety

If we say, “Caution is the parent of safety.” Do you doubt it? No? We thought so.

Accidents or mishaps can occur anytime and anywhere. They have no boundaries. So to avoid them, if you have to be a little cautious and prepared, what’s wrong in it? We are not asking you to carry a knife or gun with you but something that’s not objectionable or illegal for say. Like an app? You don’t even carry it but merely download it on your smartphone. Easy and handy!

MyePal (My Emergency Pal) is one such safety app with amazing and brilliant features. MyePal acts as your own personal emergency tool that keeps you safe and connected with your friends and family.

Product of Software Goldsmith Inc., MyePal, is really efficient in keeping you secure with its innovative features. After all, the Software Development Company do says “Innovation Starts Here”.

We understand that some of you work late at night, some in the areas where there’s less security and some work or live under both conditions. In every threatening situation, it is better to be on the safer side. Be it any kind of emergency – medical, natural calamity, terrorist attack etc. – MyePal can be used under any situation.

Major Features That MyePal Offers:

Panic Widget:

Creates loud noise to get the attention around you

widgetImagine a situation where you are followed by or feel threatened by someone, in that case, you can press the “Panic” button directly from your homescreen and MyePal will create a loud alarming noise to alert others around you.
At the same time it will send a text message along with a notification to your 5 predefined emergency contacts like your friends, family members, doctors or police with your current location and exact URL, so that they can find you on Google map with directions quickly. Also, you can press the “Stop” button the moment you think danger has passed.

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