A healthy mind needs a healthy body

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. With this belief in place, SGI promotes the well-being of each & every individual and contributes to the society by developing HealthcareSolutions4U.

HealthcareSolutions4U is a cloud-based enterprise application that serves as a Healthcare Information Communication Highway (HICH), where all key stakeholders like patients, doctors/physicians, nurses, pharmacists and even insurance companies can join hands to provide the right services and solutions for everybody. It is available from anywhere at any time.

Achieving a healthy body is an intermutually conjoint process. Not only the patient needs to be aware of his/her health but at the same time, an informed doctor should be available at the right time. It assists the doctors to examine, diagnose and prescribe medicines. During the examination, the patients’ data is easily available to the doctor. The medical history, lab reports, allergies if any, current medications, everything is available at a single click which helps in making an informed decision and prevent chances of misdiagnosis. The doctors can easily prescribe medicines online and directly send the prescription to the pharmacy requested by the patient. The doctor can also consult the list of available medications and make his final decision. The website makes the job of the administration easier by providing various features.  The website accepts new patients by gathering information from various forms like Patient Information, Insurance Information, Emergency Information, Privacy Form, Medical history, and driver license.  This helps in providing accurate information to the doctors and when required. The feature of the schedule manager not only helps the patient to schedule appointments with the doctors but also keeps the communication channel open between doctor and patient.

The service is offered on a HIPAA compliant platform. HIPAA stands for the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.  The major focus of the act is to make it easier for people to keep health insurance and protect the confidentiality of medical records.  The services on the website in addition to being available 24×7 are highly secured. The information shared by the patients on the website is protected and never shared without consent.

This product will not only ease the lives of patients it will also help doctors and healthcare providers to offer a better care by reviewing all records of a patient in one single platform even that patient has been treated by multiple doctors over the years. It’s a powerful tool for every patient and doctor.

The ultimate aim of the product is to provide accurate and timely guidance to the user and hence serve the vital purpose of improving people’s health.

Don’t wait and register today at HealthcareSolutions4U


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