MyePal App | One Step Ahead Of Your Safety

If we say, “Caution is the parent of safety.” Do you doubt it? No? We thought so.

Accidents or mishaps can occur anytime and anywhere. They have no boundaries. So to avoid them, if you have to be a little cautious and prepared, what’s wrong in it? We are not asking you to carry a knife or gun with you but something that’s not objectionable or illegal for say. Like an app? You don’t even carry it but merely download it on your smartphone. Easy and handy!

MyePal (My Emergency Pal) is one such safety app with amazing and brilliant features. MyePal acts as your own personal emergency tool that keeps you safe and connected with your friends and family.

Product of Software Goldsmith Inc., MyePal, is really efficient in keeping you secure with its innovative features. After all, the Software Development Company do says “Innovation Starts Here”.

We understand that some of you work late at night, some in the areas where there’s less security and some work or live under both conditions. In every threatening situation, it is better to be on the safer side. Be it any kind of emergency – medical, natural calamity, terrorist attack etc. – MyePal can be used under any situation.

Major Features That MyePal Offers:

Panic Widget:

Creates loud noise to get the attention around you

widgetImagine a situation where you are followed by or feel threatened by someone, in that case, you can press the “Panic” button directly from your homescreen and MyePal will create a loud alarming noise to alert others around you.
At the same time it will send a text message along with a notification to your 5 predefined emergency contacts like your friends, family members, doctors or police with your current location and exact URL, so that they can find you on Google map with directions quickly. Also, you can press the “Stop” button the moment you think danger has passed.

Send Silent Alert

Another threatening situation can be when you do not want the attention but still want help. For that, MyePal has “Send Silent Alert” that performs the same functions as “Panic” button except that it won’t create alarming noise.

Broadcast Message:

Help the victim and spread the news via broadcast feature.


To understand this feature, let us assume you have Myepal app installed on your phone and you receive a notification (exactly like the one mentioned in the above feature) from your friend.

Then, you can use the “Broadcast Message” feature directly by opening the notification. This option allows friends and families to broadcast the message to other MyePal users for help. For example, if the victim sends the message to 5 contacts and each contact starts broadcasting to their 5 contacts, it will work like a “Snowball Effect” and soon, a network of people will get created. It will also help the emergency responders to locate the victim quickly, and rescue the victim promptly.

Track Me:

Tracks and store your location

track me

Have you ever been stuck in an unknown and unsafe place? Yes? Read on…

“Track Me” feature collects user’s location at a certain interval and send the location data to our server during emergency so that the user can be traced from the server data. Moreover, it shows distance travelled and path traversed by the victim on the map by drawing a line drawn on the map.

Around Me:

Find nearby emergency services for help

around me

Calamities are dangerous and during one, the “Around Me” feature lets you search for doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, urgent care, police stations, fire stations, ambulance, etc. so that help can be reached immediately. Moreover, user can get directions to reach the nearby emergency services by just clicking a button.

Pic Me and Record Me:

pic me record me

Sometimes, you can fall into the kind of situation where you are being harassed, chased or stalked by a stranger. Unpleasing as this condition sounds, “Pic Me” and “Record Me” are two features you can take advantage of. Click the pictures or record the conversation, background noise, etc. and share them with people on the contact list. These records are saved on the cloud for future or if police or legal authorities need them for investigation. 

MyePal offers much more to protect you. So, don’t wait. Install MyePal now on your smart phone and protect yourself. Give the gift of life. Give MyePal to your friends and families and protect them too.


Download here:

Trial Version-

Pro Version-


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